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The Unibangers play BANG on unicycles.

We acknowledge that we do have a slight speed advantage, but we feel that the travel time in most BANGs is just noise. For example, in Bang 11, where we placed second (the best we've yet done), we finished a half-hour behind first place and a half-hour ahead of third place, so it seems pretty unlikely that on foot we would have placed differently. Plus, the only other time we've come close to winning (third place, close behind two teams tied for first) was when we actually did compete on foot (Bang 13 unfortunately didn't lend itself to unicycles). Also note that when there are physical tasks to accomplish, if at all possible, we'll attempt to do those things on unicycle as well, which certainly at times slows us down -- shooting the bow-and-arrow in Sealed with a BANG, throwing darts in Tall Tree, playing a few holes of disc golf in BANG Harder, kicking a field goal in The Amazing BANG, battling the Black Knight in Knights of the Round Table, and so on...

The team has so far consisted of various subsets of:

  • Seth Golub
  • NeilFred Picciotto
  • Zoe Van Hoover
  • Josh Levenberg
  • Adam Gousetis
  • Rick Rubenstein
  • Becca Middleton

We've played in the following BANGs:

  • Bang 2 - BANG Harder - Seth, NeilFred, Zoe (team name "Cardinal Spinners") (placed 26th)
  • Bang 5 - Fisherman's Wharf - Seth, NeilFred, Zoe (placed ??)
  • Bang 6 - Tall Tree - Seth, NeilFred, Rick, Becca (placed 7th)
  • Bang 7 - Nontrivial Pursuit - Seth, NeilFred, Zoe, Josh (placed 10th)
  • Bang 9 - Sealed with a BANG - Seth, NeilFred, Zoe, Josh (placed 13th)
  • Bang 11 - Mountain View - Seth, NeilFred, Josh (placed 2nd)
  • Bang 13 - Trick-or-Bang - Seth, NeilFred, Zoe, Josh, Adam (team name "Unibangers (Wheelless)") (placed 3rd)
  • Bang 14 - Hail to the BANG - Seth, NeilFred, Josh, Adam, Rick (placed 6th)
  • Bang 16 - The Amazing BANG - Seth, NeilFred, Rick (placed 18th)
  • Bang 17 - Knights of the Round Table - Seth, NeilFred, Josh, Rick, Adam (won Best Costumes and tied for Best Coat of Arms)