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Hunt Name: BANG Harder
BANG #: 2
Location: Stanford University
Host: Blood & Bones
Date: Jan 11, 2003
Winning team(s): 13th Avenue
Official website: Official Page
Results: Results
Hunt Pictures: None
Event Writeups: None
Previous BANG: Bang 1

A big thanks to Blood and Bones for putting on a FANTASTIC race on Saturday night! In brief: there were 27 teams entered, there were 10 clues, and the winning team covered the course in just over 2 hours. And, the production quality of the race was AWESOME! The winning team, 13th Avenue, agreed to produce and host Bang 3.

"My favorite bit was the balcony-parking garage part; it was a really clever piece of outside-the-box thinking, since of course we were all up there looking around on the ground for an envelope. I also thought the occasional physical events (initial ball throw, frisbee golf, wading into the circle of ducks) were a great change of pace from the mental puzzles -- just the right amount of walking, too." - Mike Develin

"My favorite parts were the sculptures, frisbee golf, and phone book ads. No complaints at all, I thought the production went great." - Lisa Pinsky