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Blood & Bones, or B&B for short, is a group of puzzling friends from Stanford that has been together since 2001. B&B has won 5 BANGs and hosted 3 BANGs, putting them near the top in both categories in the BANG Hall of Fame. They have also participated in every BANG that has occurred as either a host, participant, or playtester. You can see a complete listing of their team history at their official team page.

Team Members[edit]

Team members typically include some combination of:

  • Rich Bragg
  • Scott Krueger
  • Robert Cheng
  • Sarah Barnum
  • Matt Green
  • Chris Cheng
  • Sarangan Narasimhan
  • Kiki Bragg

The following are still card-carrying members of Blood & Bones, but don't play as much any more due to being geographically challenged:

  • Rico Fisher (moved to Indiana)
  • Mike Holzbaur (moved to North Carolina)
  • Kate Holzbaur (moved to North Carolina)
  • Ajit Chaudhari (moved to Ohio)

Alternate Names[edit]

B&B has played under a handful of different names in the past. Typically, when B&B plays as two separate teams, it plays as Blood and Bones. However, for BANG 1, B&B played as Mudbloods and Blood Lite, while for BANG 5, B&B played as Blood and Mothra's Minions.

In other cases, B&B has teamed up with non-B&B individuals and taken on different names. For BANG 10, B&B teamed up with Justin Graham of Bad Hair Day and played as Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition. For BANG 15, B&B teamed up with Bob Schaffer of Team Longshots and played as Blood & Bob.

Another example of a non-standard team name was for BANG 12, when B&B played as the Burninatees in homage to the newly recent dominance of the Burninators. Finally, B&B teamed up with Bad Hair Day in hosting BANG 6 as Bloodied by Science.

Since BANG 18, B&B has played in a self-enforced "drinking division" in which each member of the team drinks a shot of alcohol or equivalent after each clue. The team adopted the alternate name Blood & Booze starting with BANG 21 for use when playing in the drinking division.