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Here is a list of previous BANG races in reverse chronological order (note this does not always correlate with the BANG number):

# Date Name Host Location # Teams Won by Web Site Notes
37 7/24/2016, 7/31/2016 Ghost Patrol: Late Night Snack Desert Taxi and lowkey Walnut Creek 34, 36 Knights of the Square Table, Burning Halves official site
35 6/25/2016, 7/09/2016 BANG 35: The Secret of the Sapphires Burninators San Mateo 41, 39 LXP, Cardinality official site
34 10/24/2015, 11/07/2015 BANG 34: Hill Hunt Larry Hosken, Jan Chong, Yar Woo, and Paul Rundle Telegraph Hill, San Francisco 28, 26 Burnin' Beaters, Semiswift (formerly known as Pale Starches) official site Debbie Goldstein co-authored a puzzle, and Scott Royer III was involved in the planning stages. Three teams who had run recent BANGs got a couple of early-access invites each, getting them past the usual game-fills-up-in-five-minutes situation.
33 06/02/2012, 09/29/2012 BANG 33: A Charity BANG Elevate Tutoring (Bob Schaffer of Team Longshots) San Jose 20, 14 Burninators, The Judean GNUs official site
28 07/09/2011, 07/26/2011 Bang 28 Burninators Morgan Hill Community Park 31 (week 1)

29 (week 2)

n/a official site
29 10/31/2010 Bust A'Nother Ghost lowkey and Desert Taxi

Mystic Fish


San Francisco

47 (BK)

33 (SF)

n/a official site the game was written by lowkey and Desert Taxi; Mystic Fish hosted the simulcast
23 09/18/2010


MR EVIL BANG The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen BVRLINGAME 28 (Sat)

27 (Sun)

CRANEA / Judean People's Front (Sat)

Golden Golems (Sun)

official site
26 09/26/2009 Viking Conquest Code Yellow Mountain View 24 The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen official site Simulcast of SNAP VI
25 08/22/2009


Back to School Team Longshots Stanford campus 30 (Sat)

31 (Sun)

Burninators (Sat)

The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen (Sun)

official site (Honorable mention also goes to our highest-scoring team, coed astronomy, who took the voluntary disqualification for their team size.)
24 07/18/2009 24: The BANG CRANEA Downtown San Jose 29 Burninators official site
21 05/02/2009


Bang 21 Burninators Menlo Park 26 (Sat)

25 (Sun)

CRANEA official site 21-themed
22 04/18/2009 Bang 22 - Mobius Research The Smoking GNU San Rafael 33 CRANEA Results Had a time travel/deja vu theme. Simulcast of SNAP 5.
20 03/22/2009 Get Lucky! XX-Rated North Beach in San Francisco 61 Burninators (tie)

The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen (tie)

official site
19 11/01/2008 Zombie BANG Team GoldFish (Golden Golems and Mystic Fish) Berkeley Coed Astronomy results Simulcast of SNAP 4
18 09/06/2008 Iron Puzzler BANG Coed Astronomy, Burninators,

BootyVicious, Evil Geniuses,

Platonic Solids, Wrong Ideas

Presidio, San Francisco 29 The League of Extraordinary Puzzlemen

(aka White Ninjas)

official site repurposed the 10 best of the 12 puzzles from the then most recent Iron Puzzler
17 04/28/2007 Knights of the Round Table The Platonic Solids UC Berkeley campus 21 (M)

13 (H)

Kittens Kittens Kittens (Mellow)

Get on a Raft with Taft (Hardcore)

official page
16 08/12/2006 The Amazing BANG Blood & Bones Los Gatos and Saratoga 37 Burninators official page
15 04/08/2006 Bang Appétit Continental Breakfast Petaluma 24 Burninators official page
14 02/19/2006 Hail to the BANG Burninators Downtown San Jose 28 Blood & Bones official page
13 10/29/2005 Trick or BANG Get on a Raft with Taft Union Square in San Francisco Burninators (tie)

Condimental Bratwurst (tie)

official site
12 10/01/2005 Bang 12 coed astronomy Downtown San Mateo 36 Get on a Raft with Taft official site
11 08/06/2005 Bang 11 Everybody Loves Nutella Downtown Mountain View Get on a Raft with Taft official page
10 06/18/2005 The Big BANG Kittens Kittens Kittens Google campus coed astronomy

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition

The Red Sea DespARRRadoes (3-way tie)

official site
9 02/13/2005 Sealed with a BANG XX-Rated Stanford campus 33 The On Point Kings official site
1AE 12/04/2004 BANG 1 Anniversary Edition David Alyea (of Desert Taxi) Presidio of San Francisco Team Tristen
8 09/18/2004 Bang H8 Desert Taxi Haight district in San Francisco 12 (R)

14 (E)

Everybody Loves Nutella (Recreational)

Burninators (Expert)

official site
7 06/06/2004 Nontrivial Pursuit Burninators Google campus Kittens Kittens Kittens official site
6 04/18/2004 Tall Tree Blood & Bones and Bad Hair Day Palo Alto 34 Desert Taxi official site
5 03/14/2004 Bang 5 Desert Taxi Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco Burninators
4 07/26/2003 City Lights David Alyea San Francisco Team Blood
3 05/31/2003 Eyes Wide Open 13th Avenue UC Berkeley campus 20 Bad Hair Day official site
03/29/2003 BANNG - GPS game Greg deBeer (of Desert Taxi) Berkeley Blood & Bones
2 01/11/2003 BANG Harder Blood & Bones Stanford campus 13th Avenue official site
1 11/16/2002 Bang David Alyea (of Desert Taxi) Presidio of San Francisco Mudbloods official site

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