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Bay Area Night Game
Hunt Name: {{{hunt_name}}}
BANG #: {{{number}}}
Location: {{{location}}}
Host: {{{host}}}
Date: {{{date}}}
Winning team(s): {{{winners}}}
Official website: {{{website}}}
Results: {{{results}}}
Hunt Pictures: {{{pics}}}
Event Writeups: {{{writeups}}}
Previous BANG: {{{previous}}}
Next BANG {{{next}}}

Replace info in parentheses with appropriate values. Usage:

|hunt_name=(Name of Hunt)
|host=[[(Team Name)]]
|winners=[[(Team Name)]]
|website=[(http://externalwebsite.com website name)]
|results=[results website]
|pics=Links to event pictures
|writeups=Links to participant writeups
|previous=[[(Previous BANG wiki page)]]
|next=[[(Next BANG wiki page)]]