How to Host a BANG

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This is a page where those who have hosted a BANG in the past can share some of their experiences for those who are charged with coming up with future BANGs. I'm starting this in a FAQ format, but don't feel obligated to continue that way.

Who can host a BANG?

While BANG etiquette dictates that teams that win a BANG should plan to host one, you don't have to win a race to organize one. Anyone is free to, and encouraged to, put on BANGs. Judging by the attendance at recent events, not too many people are going to complain about having another race in the mix

How long/difficult shoud BANG be?

At its inception, the race was intented to be a shorter, easier evening event that most teams would finish in the allotted time. Recent BANGs have started to skew longer and more difficult, with a lower than 100% finish rate. There is certainly something to be said for both sorts of races- Perhaps a How Hard Should BANG be Forum would be a good place for open discussion (if anyone has anything to say).

Where should I host BANG?

Anywhere you want. Usually they are held on a campus of some sort, or in a fun neighborhood that has lots of parks, and a pretty happening downtown area. The most difficult part of finding a location is figuring out where the finish line will be- restaurants are often reluctant to let a party of 100 take up the place without a guaranteed food order, and open community centers are often hard to find. That said, people are always able to figure something out, so just be persistent.

A few places that might make excellent BANG locations would be:

  • Piedmont Avenue in Oakland
  • Solano Avenue in Berkeley
  • Downtown Burlingame
  • Rockridge area in Oakland/Berkeley
  • Feel free to add to the list