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Desert Taxi- Speedy Delivery, Low Fares.

Desert Taxi, or individual members of Desert Taxi, have hosted many events, including

  1. Park Challenge 1-4
  2. <a href="/index.php/Bang_1" title="Bang 1">Bang 1</a>
  3. BANNG
  4. <a href="/index.php/Bang_4" title="Bang 4">Bang 4</a>
  5. <a href="/index.php/Bang_5" title="Bang 5">Bang 5</a>
  6. <a href="/index.php/Bang_8" title="Bang 8">Bang 8</a>
  7. Iron Puzzler

The roster is always changing, but has included:

  1. Greg deBeer
  2. David Alyea
  3. Jesse Morris
  4. Elaine Bagley
  5. Jennifer Moore
  6. RM Weiner
  7. Andrew Hertz
  8. Cori Lucas
  9. Joe Sill
  10. Britt Thesen

As for results, we're all over the map! We're usually middle-of-the-pack, but the 3-person squad of Greg, David and Jesse managed to pull out the win at Bang 6 along University Ave. in Palo Alto, our shining moment in Bang-dom.

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