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More Than Roofing offers the best Biloxi MS roofing repair as well as and new roof installation services available for Biloxi, Mississippi.

Without a doubt, some of the finest homes in Harrison County are domiciled in Biloxi.

Biloxi has grown significantly since More Than Roofing was founded over 50 years ago. What began as as a very small, Harrison County based roofing business quickly blossomed into a full service roofing contractor primarily because of our numerous recommendations from current and past clients. More Than Roofing has conducted roof installations as well as roof repairs on many homes in Biloxi throughout that period of time. In the past 10 years to be specific, More Than Roofing has received a great number of roof repair requests due to storm damages from wind that have affected many roofs in the Biloxi area.

Biloxi Mississippi Roof Repair

More Than Roofing is totally insured for both liability and workers compensation. Most importantly, More Than Roofing is completely focused on our customers. At the end of each project, we conduct a Customer Satisfaction Check-Up which gives More Than Roofing the capability to ensure that our clients are entirely pleased with our handwork.

We sincerely believe that roofing is both a craft as well as an art. Each and every one of our roofing replacements and repairs are completed to the highest possible standards.

Many roofing contractors are heavily focused on generating a profit by finishing roofing projects as quickly as possible. Here at More Than Roofing, our primary emphasis is honesty and a higher degree of craftsmanship. More ThanRoofing by no means compromises the standard of a roof by the cutting of corners or the use of materials that aren't the best quality. A More Than Roofing crew is not compensated byhow rapidly they complete a job. Our roofing crew is compensated after the project has been completely inspected and signed-off on as perfect. For the safety of all of our customers, More Than Roofing always strictly applies all components according to the manufacturers standards.

State of the art roofing materials we work with include Owens - Corning and GAF plus many, many others.

At More Than Roofing, we are passionite about the installation of top quality, superbly constructed, strong, and very beautiful roofs.

More Than Roofing Contractor Installs New Copper Roof Systems

Your leaking roof has been fixed by someone. However, why does water still drips down your wall space? Over 60% of the roofing repair work that More Than Roofing performs in Harrison County is generated when we fix the poor quality work that our competitors have previously offered to our customers. Do not make the common and very costly blunder when you hire a non-professional roofing contractor that is centered solely upon price. A decision that is based solely on price can cost far more money and heart ache over time.

Does you roof suffer from tree damage, storm damage, water leakage, or just falling apart? Your home is the largest investment you probably will make in your lifetime. Regular maintenance of your roof ensures that your home will continue to stay in top condition.

More Than Roofing is an authority in lots of challenging, hard to repair roof systems that lots of other roofing contractors will not tackle.

In Harrison County Mississipp, More Than Roofing service areas include Biloxi, Dibervile, DeLisle, Biloxi, Long Beach, Lyman, Pass Christian, Saucier, and all of Harrison County MS. More Than Roofing also provides service to the unincorporated towns within our primary More Than Roofing roofing repair service area.

Contact More Than Roofing today at (228) 265-7974. We’re here to serve you.

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