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Title: Bang Appétit

Hosted by: Continental Breakfast Location: Petaluma, Sonoma County

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2006

Time: 1:30pm - 6:30pm


Twenty four teams gathered in Penry Park in downtown Petaluma to indulge in Bang Appétit. Many thanks to all who participated: players, playtesters and organizers.

Remote Playtesters: Jimmy Chui and Shannon Hughes (Princeton Game Control 2005); Ian Tullis (Get on a Raft with Taft); Justin and Charlie Graham.

Onsite Playtesters: Rachel Weinstein, Nina Singhal and Merrie Morris (XX-Rated); Chris, Sara, Mark and Matt (Buttery Eggs).

Organizers: David Varodayan, Justin Ghan, Dan Mathews, Ocie Ward, Laura Diaz, Prasad Ganesan, Rebecca Weisinger and Kris Hauch.

If you have any photos or stories which you'd like to share, please email us at


Pregame: Eggstimation

Start Pack


Title Hint 1 Hint 2
1 A Three Course Meal txt txt
2 Lime-wrecks txt txt
3 Spice Rack txt txt
4 Shishkebabs txt txt
5 Spaghetti Junction txt txt
6 Honeycomb txt txt
7 Cubist Cuisine txt txt
8 All Roads Lead to a Grilled Cheese Sandwich txt txt
Meta Dinner for Eight with World Map png txt


Two teams solved all of the puzzles without any hints: the Burninators took first place and Blood & Bob second.